Amy Amy Amy

Lately I’ve been listening to Amy Winehouse quite a bit, sadly, since she passed away. Part of me feeling shameful for joining the fandom only after she passed away, however at the same time I realised just how talented she was.

You can’t really blame me for assuming that she was all about PR packaging, anger and perhaps overdose based on all her previously appearances in the tabloids. The only song I ever listened to prior her death was Rehab, or the first line of Rehab rather. However, after listening to many of her songs, I realised how stupid of me to assume she was nothing more than publicity, she was so so talented, her music was in a way so timeless and her voice was unbelievable. I agree with what Adele said about Amy Winehouse, “Amy Winehouse paved the way for me“, yep.

So excuse my rather late realisation of Amy’s talent, may she rest in peace.



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