Poor Murdoch

In the last two days, I happened to see two opportunistic ads on the Internet at the expense of Rupert Murdoch. Here they are:

Real Journalism means…never having to say you’re sorry

Powershop ad: Same power different attitude

While finding the whole UK News of the World phone hacking scandal incredibly… well scandalous, I can’t help but feeling sorry for Murdoch. The way the newspaper gathered there information were questionable, but haven’t we heard enough about it already? Shouldn’t we give Murdoch a rest? All I hear on my media podcasts about three weeks ago were ‘phone hacking scandal’ ‘Murdoch’ ‘News of the World’ etc on mediawatch from the UK, Australia and New Zealand, those are the only ones I listen to so I wouldn’t be surprised if similar content were broadcast all over the world.

Do you think these two ads offensive?

Do you think the Powershop ad could even be offensive religiously?


3 thoughts on “Poor Murdoch

  1. Poor Murdock!! Are you kidding me? This hate mongering monster has caused more
    damage to America than anyone in history. This hateful old man came here with his
    blood money and bought up america’s major media outlets and started others like right wing
    hate channels like Fox lies and hate channel.
    He should be tarred feathered and along with his son Robert Murdock run out of America
    on a rail. This scum is a disease to be eraticated for the betterment of mankind.Just ask the
    British what they think about this hateful old man who has destroyed tens of thousands of
    innocent lives because of his greed and venom!!!!!!

    • I agree. The way they gathered news, most probably for financial purposes, was absolutely questionable and it sure caused much damage to people. However, critically analyse the issue is one thing, going as far as using Murdoch’s face in advertising is only going to cause even more publicity for him. The title ‘Poor Murdoch’ is no indication of tolerance of his behaviour, rather an expression of my personal dissent from advertising at the expense of Murdoch, only creating more publicity for him.
      Thank you for reading my post, definitely feel your passion 😛

  2. The only thing I hate about Murdoch is that he runs a blatantly agenda driven media empire that is passed as ‘mainstream media’ and embraced in the U.S, the fox network is no more than entertainment yet it is the number 1 ‘news’ channel over there, hmmmm

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