It is thundering and hailing outside as I ‘speak’! Snow storm is arriving as Metservice promised, and I cannot stress how excited I am. It’s not even solely because I have two massive essays due on this Wednesday which hopefully will be postponed, but I’m feeling spoiled by the fact that this is our second snow in one year.

A number of weather geeks have been over excitedly talking about this incoming snow storm on the net for a couple days now, one of the more memorable claim says, I might be paraphrasing here, ‘this is going to be an event that appears in future text books’. I fully understand how people, especially science people, get all excited and passionate over natural events like this. As a geography student myself, I do too, because you become part of the experience and history! Just like how I jumped up and down when I saw liquefaction in action after the earthquakes, you read and heard so much about it in text books, but they would never beat the real experience!

Enough writing for now! Heading outside!! 😀

P.S. Here’s a photo someone else taken in Rolleston right before the hail hit maybe 30 mins before. Citation needed.

Picture taken in Rolleston, Christchurch, right before the hail hit! (citation needed)



Today, I successfully enrolled myself into one of the Swimsmart programme at my local pool.

“Hi, I’m wondering if I could enrol into one of the swimming classes please?”

“Sure, are you enrolling for your kid?”

“…um.. no, it’s for me.”


I’m not sure how that conversation could have been any less embarrassing to be honest. Yes I’m in my mid-20s and still cannot swim, and this is my third time enrolling in Beginner’s class. Everyone keeps telling me how swimming is so easy, it’s all about muscle memory etc etc. Sure.

I always have these fantasies about myself being an amazing runner, or swimmer, part of me always dreamed to be some kind of athletic person, but in the end I am still that girly girl who does gentle sports. I hope this will be my last time enrolling in Beginner class, so Henry (yep, a male instructor too. FML) please work your wonders and TRANSFORM me!

Do we always dream of becoming something we are not?

Someone ordered snow?

Nothing is better than waking up to a world of snow in my opinion. This morning we finally got our first snow in maybe three years and it arrived boldly. All schools, universities and most work places are closed today because, dare I say, us New Zealanders are terrible at driving in snow/ice conditions.

I went out for a walk just before on the hill, the view was just stunning. here’s a photo:

Someone ordered snow?

Snow has the magic to make everything beautiful, the light, the clean and cold crisp air, and the sound of kids shouting and laughing in distance all make it a very special day for us.

Just a quiet snow day off, relax in front of the heat pump with a book, a large cup of coffee (and rhubarb crisp)

For the people in the Northern Hemisphere suffering in the late July heat, wanna trade places? 🙂

Blogging as we know it

I can’t quite remember when exactly this whole blogging business became so popular, not merely a digitised version of personal diaries, nor a place to where one can express and dump all their frustration and anger, personal blogging has become somewhat a tool for getting one’s voice heard.

Blogging is a journey and a commitment.

and here’s where my journey begins.