Someone ordered snow?

Nothing is better than waking up to a world of snow in my opinion. This morning we finally got our first snow in maybe three years and it arrived boldly. All schools, universities and most work places are closed today because, dare I say, us New Zealanders are terrible at driving in snow/ice conditions.

I went out for a walk just before on the hill, the view was just stunning. here’s a photo:

Someone ordered snow?

Snow has the magic to make everything beautiful, the light, the clean and cold crisp air, and the sound of kids shouting and laughing in distance all make it a very special day for us.

Just a quiet snow day off, relax in front of the heat pump with a book, a large cup of coffee (and rhubarb crisp)

For the people in the Northern Hemisphere suffering in the late July heat, wanna trade places? 🙂