Today, I successfully enrolled myself into one of the Swimsmart programme at my local pool.

“Hi, I’m wondering if I could enrol into one of the swimming classes please?”

“Sure, are you enrolling for your kid?”

“…um.. no, it’s for me.”


I’m not sure how that conversation could have been any less embarrassing to be honest. Yes I’m in my mid-20s and still cannot swim, and this is my third time enrolling in Beginner’s class. Everyone keeps telling me how swimming is so easy, it’s all about muscle memory etc etc. Sure.

I always have these fantasies about myself being an amazing runner, or swimmer, part of me always dreamed to be some kind of athletic person, but in the end I am still that girly girl who does gentle sports. I hope this will be my last time enrolling in Beginner class, so Henry (yep, a male instructor too. FML) please work your wonders and TRANSFORM me!

Do we always dream of becoming something we are not?